I’m not one for camping

but everyone should see the face of a loved one

lit purely by the break of dawn.

Who Knew All Along

I would like to know who I fooled

at the end of my life.

I kept deep, dark secrets up until my last breath.

Who bought it?  Who remained fooled?

More importantly…

who had me figured out?

Who knew my secrets, but never told me.

Who accepted these dark things about me, and walked along.

Why was I never able to talk to them about my secrets.


the deepest, darkest secrets are the ones bursting from us

The ones we most desperately want to share

to scream from the roof tops.

But I’d rather know

who knew all along.

Nine minutes

You’ve got nine minutes, chief.

You’ve got nine minutes, and then you’re on. You’re live.

You trade masks. You trade saddles.

Who am I, talking to you. Mask off.

I’m behind you, smirking.

I see your smirk. Think you’re clever? You’re clever enough.

But can you be honest.

Your smirk faded. What happened?

Seven minutes left, chief.

Honest is tougher than clever, am I right? I’m right.

You’re clever, but I’m right.

Anybody who thinks that honestly is easier than being clever,

well, they ain’t honest.

Or they are fooling themselves.

So they’re fools.

You’re a fool, too. A clever fool.

Grow up. Man up. Man down, while you’re at it. Why not?

Do all the man things you think you’re supposed to do.

Unsure who you think you’re impressing.

Five minutes chief. The baby is literally waking.

Four minutes. You wasted your time and mine with that wine sip.

Don’t turn away from this.

Be an honest man. Tell the truth, in everything.

If you think you can’t, then you need to find the truth somewhere else.

You think the truth isn’t here? It is.

I’m telling you the truth right now, chief.

Three minutes.

C’mon. Get ready.