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Wanna make song requests? Join a party band like no other, Songwheels invites you to browse their song menu during the show and jump into a group chat to request songs. Every show is customized to the line-up of the band, so we’re always mixing it up. Hand us the keys to the party and know that we will deliver a sizzling good time, ready for weddings, awards galas, backyard barbecues, pool parties, and so much more.

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Paul and his team are AMAZING. It was so helpful to know we had a professional, upbeat, and collaborative MC the whole evening. He pivoted where necessary and our brought the high-energy music just like we’d hoped for! Our dance floor was packed the whole night (seriously, and it was not tiny to start with). They are fun, talented, and experts in the biz. You won’t be disappointed!

Samantha & Beau

Our Line-Up changes every show based on your ideas.

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