Event DJ PJS, headlines Sausagefest 2023!!

Event DJ PJS at Sausagefest, Fredonia, KS, 2023
Event DJ PJS at Sausagefest, Fredonia, KS, 2023

Sometimes, being an event DJ has unusual perks. In the case of Sausagefest 2023, that included a front row seat to the wackiest festival in central KS.

Event DJ Management

Even before my official spin-time began, I had the esteemed honor and privilege of providing backing tracks for hot-dog relays, arm wrestling competitions, and a talent show! Talent show exhibits at Sausagefest included spelling the alphabet with American Sign Language, a dedication in Spanish from the country of Brazil (including a rendition of their national anthem), rapping the chorus of Humpty-Dance, and a strip-tease to I’m To Sexy. Not surprisingly, the PG-13 strip-teaser won the trophy. The win owes a heavy debt to his bikini top, brought to life by the splendid manscaping of his torso.

Event DJ PJS at Sausagefest 2023

Between contests, I let some basic pop-40 bring energy to downtown Fredonia while people mingled, chatted, and ate sausage-on-a-stick. The nearby spa acted as a hospitality room so I could change into my shiny pants before spin-time. The shiny pants: big hit.

Time To Spin

When it was time to officially go on as event DJ PJS, I was primed and ready. My lighting rig covered the bloc, bathing the partiers in light. Highlights: a mash-up Semi Charmed Life with Ride Wit Me, and the Cupid Shuffle with Feel This Moment by Pitbull and Christina Aguilera.

Speaking of Nelly, the people of Fredonia couldn’t resist Just A Lil Bit with Florida-Georgia Line, and neither could I…

Event DJ PJS spinning at Sausagefest, Fredonia, KS

I’m hotly anticipating returning to Sausagefest to headline again in 2024! You can hear festival organizers Jen and Laura explain the origins of Sausagefest (and give me shout-out) on this podcast. Interested in more DJ PJS? Here I am spinning for a Carnival! Or hit us up for a booking…

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